Top 5 MBA Colleges in Singapore

MBA Colleges in Singapore

The number of people wishing to pursue a course in MBA has tremendously increased over the years. With a master’s in business administration from a recognized school, then you can be assured of getting a reputable job in a remarkably short time after completion. For such reasons, most of us tend to work tirelessly looking for the best MBA schools from where they can comfortably attain their dream more conveniently. At the same time, a considerable number of people face a hectic yet a daunting task trying to identify the best school from which they can take on their studies. With hundreds of MBA colleges from all over the world, getting the ideal one is quite challenging.

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Singapore has been one of the top rated countries in the world with the ability to offer quality education. There are several colleges in Singapore offering MBA and other business related courses, but you only deserve the best that will facilitate your dreams. Here are some of the best MBA and business schools in Singapore.

Top 5 MBA colleges in Singapore

Both national and international students prefer doing their MBA in Singapore for different reasons. You can either prefer full time or part time enrollment depending on your daily schedule. Ranking of business colleges is done based on different parameters, by different researchers, but most of them converge to similar results. Some rank the colleges depending on students’ preference, policies of the school, quality of education among other factors. With the few remarks, lets now see the top rated MBA colleges in Singapore that prioritize at meeting their client’s needs through quality provision of education.

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1. National University of Singapore.

This is one of the leading business schools in Singapore where thousands of people have successfully completed their courses in different disciplines. Apart from offering a course in master’s in business management, the school also offers other industry oriented and business management programs that are both practical and research based. To improve the quality of education in the university, students studying here regardless of courses being undertaken must do assignments, term papers, quizzes, group projects and case studies. Since its establishment in 2002, the school has managed more than one hundred full time faculties that are in the field of management. Skills obtained from national university of Singapore are applicable in any business management field in every country across the globe. The policies of the school and management are friendly and flexible to give their students a comfortable and convenient time during the period of undertaking their courses.

2. Nanyang business school.

This is yet another reputable college in Singapore that specialize in business studies and MBA in particular. With a number of qualified and experienced lecturers, then there is a reason why you should enroll a course in the school. Quality is among their key objectives to ensure that the students get value for their money as well as what they deserve. They also offer some industry oriented courses that are both research and practical based. Due to its reputation and ability to deliver top notch services, Nanyang business school has been gaining popularity from every corner across the globe. The school has managed to rise 2 positions in the economist magazine global ranking and now ranked 6th in Asia as the best school for full time MBA program.

3. INSEAD Business School

INSEAD is committed to educate strategic future leaders who can manage business related issues in any category regardless of country. There are a couple of both graduate and undergraduate courses offered here, but the quality of MBA is of great significant. It offers a first rate learning environment for both national and international students. The school ensures that its students pursuing MBA are exposed to different and all types of work cultures hence preparing them for the world. Courses in INSEAD are designed to provide the students with the skills and techniques to make your course a success. Improvement of education quality is achieved through organization of group projects where students help each other based on intellectual capacities.

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4. Aventis school of Management

This is also one of the leading colleges in Singapore specializing in courses relating to business. Aventis collaborates with top rated colleges recognized in the world with an aim of promoting the quality of education. Some of these business schools include; Arcadia university, city university of New York and Louisville school. The collaboration enables the school to deliver better results to its clients and manage to offer a wide range of business courses, and MBA in particular. Other master courses offered include Master of Science in the discipline of finance, marketing, international business among others. Do not hesitate to seek more information about the school prior to application.

5. ESSEC Business School

ESSEC School is among the most reliable and reputable institutions in Singapore specializing in offering quality education that will equip students with modern skills that embrace and enlighten their future. It is strategically located in Singapore and continue to play a significant role in development of the country. Since it was founded in 1907, it has managed to climb to greater heights in the academic ladder being ranked among the best schools in Europe. It has produced a number of reputable people in the world of business and since 2005, ESSEC has welcomed and trained more than 3000 managers and students from other countries across the globe.

Studying in Singapore comes with a couple of inevitable benefits to both nationals and international students. It is one of the best places to pursue a job in Europe due to its conducive environment and favorable labor laws. There are high quality academic institutions, unlimited job opportunities, work permits for part time students for up to 16 hours a week and safety is normally guaranteed for students while the cost of education is relatively low. When applying for an MBA in colleges in Singapore, then you ought to provide a copy of TOEFL and IELTS test scores that will help the college to evaluate your English prolificacy. This will determine if you are lucky to win a place in one of these top rated colleges in Singapore to pursue a course in MBA.

Top MBA courses in Singapore 

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The world is totally competitive and the best way to be on the top of the list is by competing effectively. But how can you do that? It is simple and straightforward particularly if you are a graduate. You need an MBA course. Do you really know that it is highly beneficial to study your MBA course in the best university? If you know that then Singapore is one of those countries whose universities are on top of the list when the above is considered.

Best MBA courses in Singapore

Most MBA programs take a period of two years and in first year it is more general and give student brief idea about management. The second year it is more specific and aim to specialize students in what they can do best. Some of the most considered MBA programs are discussed bellow. Most of them require you to be a graduate first.

MBA in Finance

For you undertake this MBA program, you must be a graduate. It prepares students in various areas including costing, budgeting, capital management and international finance. After completely undertaking it you will become fully specialized in finance management and you can work in department of finance of any organization.

MBA in marketing

By undertaking this program you will be well equipped with knowledge that enables you to understand customer behavior, maketing and advertising. You are required to be a graduate to undertake it.

MBA in Human resource

It is Suitable for those who want to develop management career in HR. It may include acquisition, international leadership and labor management.

MBA in Information technology

Aims at educating and developing managers who can come up with something new and unique that can improve IT industry and may include planning, designing and implanting new strategy in information technology.

MBA in supply chain management

It includes inventory, where house and transportation of different product management.

MBA in Health care management

It covers wide business roles including health administration and medical practice management. Any graduate can undertake it.

MBA in Agri-business management

MBA under this field aims to equip learners with skills to run companies and businesses that specialize in processing agricultural product. Any graduate can undertake it.

MBA courses in Singapore are very relevant and affordable. Besides that they are recognized all over the world. Stand out from the crowd by undertaking one of these MBA programs today in Singapore.







Expert Advice about Searching the Most Promising Singapore Business School! 

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MBA or the Master of Business Administration is a highly desirable degree today for variety of reasons. On one hand MBA can ensure steadfast career growth for the degree holder and on the other, it would never let the individual run short of prospects. Being the most facilitating professional degree with an enormous demand at this time, it is one of the profound choices for thousands of students all over the world. Eventually, every student dreams to pursue MBA from a reputed and recognized management school, even if he or she has to travel overseas in this endeavor.

Singapore has emerged to be a world business centre today. Its strategic location has helped Singapore adequately connect with rest of the world and as a result, trade too is limitlessly increasing here. There is no second thought that many new enterprises from within and overseas have set up their business operations here. Looking to the enhanced needs, inclination to study MBA has been considerably raised in the students of Singapore. To meet the growing demand and to provide world class management education, many business schools have established in Singapore. So if you are looking to get admission in a promising Singapore business school, you can easily do so.


Significance of business schools with a good rank

If you are an MBA aspirant, you got to know that the consequence of your management degree gets manifolds when it comes from a reputed institute or school. Therefore, as the first predominant step in shaping a dream career, you must research for the best Singapore business school around.

From this perspective, a smarter approach is to look for lists released by nominated survey agencies. These agencies have a set of established parameters, such as array of programs offered, eligibility and expertise of faculty, tenure in years in providing business education, and of course, the success rate in terms of placement.

You can yourself go with the research using the above inputs and make sure that you are in the assuring business school in Singapore.


Prime factors to look for

When selecting the business school for your management education, you can include the following factors to suffice your search:

Programs / specialization provided: Remember that you are not seeking admission to any Singapore business school, but the school which offers variety of programs. It should obviously be providing the program or specialization you want to accomplish.

Faculty proficiency and standard: You require prolific hand holding and right guidance of experienced and proficient faculties because MBA is a specialized program. Therefore, under all circumstances, look for the business school which enjoys a status in this respect.

Accommodating capacity: Choosing a Singapore business school with enough accommodating capacity will most likely be maintaining an outstanding infrastructure and incredible facilities. At such a business school, you are most likely to maximize the benefits of your study.

Use these handy hints when searching your prospective Singapore business school and you will always be at an edge, full with placement opportunities with the highest paying organizations.

Studying your MBA in the best Singapore Colleges


Many students willing to advance their studies end up selecting spurious colleges that will not mentor them to become professionals in the fast changing world. Singapore colleges have been equipped with the best learning materials and state of the art structures designed to develop and produce the very top cream of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and other programs. The following colleges are highly preferable when it comes to mentorship and production of quality education:

Singapore Institute of Commerce

This is a highly preferable institute with the best facilities to shape the career of would be professionals in their career. It offers quality education through the provision of perfect modern field work, theory and practical that exposes scholars to the reality of their course and what to expect as they look forward to emulate their professionals across the globe. It develops strategic leaders with skills, knowledge and experience and those willing to face and counter challenges in their specific discipline.

NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

The NUS Business School has the best training programs for MBA. It ensures that scholars are well trained and that they are able to cover on all the relevant units that are required by the examining body in order to come out as fully backed professionals with skills and knowledge. It is an accredited University that seeks to shape skills into talents and ensure that the grandaunts are in a better position to come up with meaningful change in the today world of competition and fast changing trends.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) – Nanyang Business School

Nanyang Business School seeks to offer the best training programs for MBA. It seeks to produce tomorrow’s strategic leaders through modeling and shaping them in cutting edge perfect curricula that is essential for business training. It is an EQUIS and AACSB accredited school that seeks to model and shape careers perfectly. Foreign students are always welcomed to study and learn in this school.

Singapore Management University

This is one of the best Singapore colleges that seek to improve the skills and professionalism of students who have decided to take a career path in MBA. It offers a condusive learning environment through the supply of creative knowledge and perfect multicultural integration to help both foreign and local students.

These are the best Singapore Colleges and all students across the globe are welcomed to shape their career and learn more about developments in the business world.

The 4 Most Recommended Colleges In Singapore

Singapore stands as one of the countries across the globe with leading universities and colleges. In fact, people from other countries apply for positions in Singapore based colleges. This is for the fact that they acknowledge the quality of education offered there. However, out of the many colleges in Singapore, there are those that assume top ranks. Such colleges should be leading in your list of priorities.

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Here are the four most recommended colleges in Singapore:

1. Nayang Technological University
It is one of the world ranking colleges whose record cannot be disputed at all. For your information, this college stands at the 58th position globally according to a ranking done not so long ago. Among the courses offered in this college include medicine, arts, literature, and science among others.

2. Singapore Institute of Management
It is among the private universities established in Singapore and one of the leading not only in the country but globally as well. It is known to offer training in business, human development and social services, science and technology, and Arts. Additionally, the college offers several other options with regard to education levels.

3. James Cook University
The college traces its roots in Australia though with a branch in Singapore. It is considered to be among the most versatile and diversified colleges in the world. This explains why there are several branches of the university in different countries. James Cook University offers a wide range of courses and it welcomes both local and international students.

4. Fortune School of Technology and Management
The fact that this college offers affordable fee structure gives it an advantage over other local universities. Aside from that, the college provides positions for international students alongside the local ones. The diversity of courses in this college is just incredible. What’s more, there are modern facilities in abundance to ensure that students study in the best environment.

Think Global and Get Your MBA in Singapore

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A Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree can be your ticket to the upper echelons of business management. If you want to show potential employers that you’re able to work in all kinds of environments, you may want to consider getting your MBA in another country. Singapore is an excellent destination for anyone considering an MBA, and many programs are available.
The MBA offered by the Nanyang Technological University has been named The Economist’s best Singapore MBA since 2004. With a rigorous and intense twelve-month program, this degree is your fast track to a better career. Through optional study trips known as Business Study Missions (BSMs), you can also complete some of your studies at one of more than 60 partner universities worldwide. The MBA is also known for its Leading People Globally program, which is integrated into two trimesters of the program. The Nanyang MBA costs $60,000 (in Singapore dollars.)

The National University of Singapore (NUS) offers an MBA program which was ranked the 2nd best international two-year MBA program in 2013, behind only The London Business School. The NUS program allows you to gain additional international exposure through student exchanges, study trips, and business case competitions. NUS MBA students come from more than 30 different countries, further enhancing the international appeal of this program. Tuition is currently $58,000 (in Singapore dollars) for the two-year program.

The Singapore Management University also offers an MBA program which can be completed in 12 months of full-time study or 18-months part-time. The part-time program is comprised of evening classes and some weekends, so you can continue to work while studying for your MBA. The program has a strong focus on global business, but students may also choose electives in a wide range of fields. Tuition at Singapore Management University costs $61,000 Singapore dollars.

If you’re looking for an academically challenging, cross-cultural MBA experience that will prepare you for a future in global business, a Singapore MBA may be for you.

Should you plan for MBA Singapore?

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MBA Singapore:

If you are thinking about taking up a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program then you can also take a look at the courses offered by business schools in Singapore. Singapore is a famous city of South East Asia where you can find the cultural variety of both the west and the east. Its education system is quite flexible and welcoming to foreign students. It is a city that truly lives up to the definition of being a cosmopolitan city. The city offers you a great opportunity to pursue your career as well as work.

The education system of Singapore is very renowned as well as accommodating. You will find many deemed universities which have been established in Singapore. The laws regarding education are very pro student and students find a friendly and creative atmosphere. The teachers are highly qualified and knowledgeable. The laws allow you to work part time with your education so that you can support yourself financially.


Here are some of the best universities that offer you MBA courses in Singapore.

Nanyang Business School

Singapore Management University

National University of Singapore Business School


James cook University Singapore

Kaplan Singapore

Singapore University of Commerce


Most of these universities offer a 12 month full time or an 18 month part time MBA program. They seek students who have good communication skills, leadership skills, who have shown their intellectual and personal skills in their profession and will contribute to the university.


Generally the admission requirements include:

Minimum 2 years of work experience

GMAT or GRE score taken up after 2011

TOEFL/IELTS (for students who have degree in languages other than English)

Essays, recommendations, resume and transcripts. The number of these may change based on the university you are applying for.


What will the mba singapore plan prepare you for? 

This course will help you to develop both interpersonal as well as community skills, leadership, innovation and knowledge.

How to Get Admitted to a Top Singapore Business School

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If you want to get an admission to a top Singapore business school, you have to ensure that you are among the best among the many applicants in the schools. This article offers you some of the tips that will help you get into the best business school in Singapore.

Show your work experience

Most top business schools in Singapore will look for applicants who have some real work experience. They value work experience because it illustrates your level of commitment and actual knowledge of the real world. Despite that the average may differ from one business school to the other, it is good to have at least two years of work experience to be accepted for a MBA program in most of the top schools.

Have a consistent narrative in your application package

Make sure that in your application package all your references, essays, work experience and others tell a consistent and positive story about you. You need to show your skills and qualities that shows your best as an applicant. It is necessary that your references show about the reason and desires to make application to each Singapore business school so that in case they are contacted, they can tell something positive about you too.

Make your application personal

When choosing references, you need to choose people who know you well from academic or business settings. They should be aware of your accomplishments and strengths. Do not try to impress the admission department with letter from people with prominent titles, but do not know you well. Make sure that your application demonstrates your character and passion in the most effective way.

Meet all the requirements for admission

One mistake most applicants make is to ignore some requirements that they do not view as important. However, to get admitted in a top Singapore business school, you must ensure that you meet all the requirements. Present all the letters, academic certificates, recommendation letters, contacts and anything else required by the admission department.


Singapore is a vibrant modern nation with an excellent educational system which provides numerous opportunities for the citizens of Singapore. Education is very crucial in Singapore and the country has often been referred to as a ‘global schoolhouse’. A strong emphasis on high quality education was introduced in 1823 by Sir Thomas Raffles. Sir Thomas was the founder of Singapore institution which was later named Raffles institution, and is one of the leading learning institutions in Asia and the world.
Singapore is a modern city that offers excellent opportunities for the students. Students are equipped with the necessary knowledge that they require to succeed in life. Some of the best colleges in Singapore are;

This is a liberal arts college that was established in 2011 as a collaboration between Yale university and the National university of Singapore. It is the first liberal arts school in Singapore.
Admission to this college began in 2012 with 154 students. Yale college is among the few colleges in Singapore that follow holistic admission process similar to those that are followed by American universities.

Singapore polytechnic was established on 27th October 1954, to provide studies, research and learning programs. Since the institution was established, more than 177,000 students have graduated and the institution has held more than 50 graduation ceremonies.
Singapore polytechnic offers a variety of learning programs such as computer engineering, law, accounts, social studies among others. Students are equipped with necessary skills that enable them to work in a challenging environment.

The republic polytechnic, commonly abbreviated as RP, is a tertiary institution located in Singapore. It was the first school in Singapore to use the problem based learning (PBL) for all its diplomas.
The institute enrolled it’s first student in 2007 by the prime minister. The school was designed by Japanese architects and is able to cater for more than 13,000 students.

The National university of Singapore is the largest and oldest university in Singapore. It was established in 1905 and is home to more than 30,000 students. The institution’s main campus is located southwest of Singapore at Kent ridge. The school covers a total area of 2 kilometers square. It is ranked as the best learning institution in Singapore and 29th globally.

These Singapore colleges offer excellent learning atmosphere. Most of these colleges are highly rated and they offer very competitive educational programs. Most of them are young institutions that are offering educational programs that benefits many young entrepreneurs.

The Best Colleges to Study MBA in Singapore

Different colleges in Singapore offer MBA courses to a wide selection of students both overseas and locally. These colleges have been certified by the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that students only learn from trustworthy institutions and simplify their job search. The following are the most common and highly ranked colleges in Singapore that offer MBA courses.

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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) / Business School
This university offers Executive MBA, Full time, Part time and Dual Degree. The campus has been certified and accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS. NTU MBA combines both intensive international MBA and global perspective which revolves around Asian focus and background. The campus has been ranked number 8 by the Financial Time EMBA and number 38 by Financial Times Global MBA both in the year 2014.


Singapore Management University (SMU)
Along 50 Stamford Road lies the Singapore Management University. This university offers Part-time, Full-time and Executive MBA to its students. Courses are done in English. Intakes are usually done in the months of May, July and January. Fees are different depending on the program. Full-time is the cheapest going for 60,990 SGD while Executive is the most expensive going for 98,000 SGD. The campus has been accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS.


National University of Singapore (NUS)
The National University of Singapore is located at Mochtar Riady Building 15 Kent Ridge in Singapore. The campus offers Dual Degree, Executive MBA, Part-time and Full-time programs. The campus is accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS. The course duration is usually 17 months.


This college offers Executive MBA, Part time and Full-time programs. The campus is accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. It boosts as been the top business school in the Four Asian tigers. The course duration is usually 10 months. Their MBA programs usually run parallel in campuses located in France. Students also get a chance to take part in elective courses in the Abu Dhabi campus.