How to Get Admitted to a Top Singapore Business School

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If you want to get an admission to a top Singapore business school, you have to ensure that you are among the best among the many applicants in the schools. This article offers you some of the tips that will help you get into the best business school in Singapore.

Show your work experience

Most top business schools in Singapore will look for applicants who have some real work experience. They value work experience because it illustrates your level of commitment and actual knowledge of the real world. Despite that the average may differ from one business school to the other, it is good to have at least two years of work experience to be accepted for a MBA program in most of the top schools.

Have a consistent narrative in your application package

Make sure that in your application package all your references, essays, work experience and others tell a consistent and positive story about you. You need to show your skills and qualities that shows your best as an applicant. It is necessary that your references show about the reason and desires to make application to each Singapore business school so that in case they are contacted, they can tell something positive about you too.

Make your application personal

When choosing references, you need to choose people who know you well from academic or business settings. They should be aware of your accomplishments and strengths. Do not try to impress the admission department with letter from people with prominent titles, but do not know you well. Make sure that your application demonstrates your character and passion in the most effective way.

Meet all the requirements for admission

One mistake most applicants make is to ignore some requirements that they do not view as important. However, to get admitted in a top Singapore business school, you must ensure that you meet all the requirements. Present all the letters, academic certificates, recommendation letters, contacts and anything else required by the admission department.


Singapore is a vibrant modern nation with an excellent educational system which provides numerous opportunities for the citizens of Singapore. Education is very crucial in Singapore and the country has often been referred to as a ‘global schoolhouse’. A strong emphasis on high quality education was introduced in 1823 by Sir Thomas Raffles. Sir Thomas was the founder of Singapore institution which was later named Raffles institution, and is one of the leading learning institutions in Asia and the world.
Singapore is a modern city that offers excellent opportunities for the students. Students are equipped with the necessary knowledge that they require to succeed in life. Some of the best colleges in Singapore are;

This is a liberal arts college that was established in 2011 as a collaboration between Yale university and the National university of Singapore. It is the first liberal arts school in Singapore.
Admission to this college began in 2012 with 154 students. Yale college is among the few colleges in Singapore that follow holistic admission process similar to those that are followed by American universities.

Singapore polytechnic was established on 27th October 1954, to provide studies, research and learning programs. Since the institution was established, more than 177,000 students have graduated and the institution has held more than 50 graduation ceremonies.
Singapore polytechnic offers a variety of learning programs such as computer engineering, law, accounts, social studies among others. Students are equipped with necessary skills that enable them to work in a challenging environment.

The republic polytechnic, commonly abbreviated as RP, is a tertiary institution located in Singapore. It was the first school in Singapore to use the problem based learning (PBL) for all its diplomas.
The institute enrolled it’s first student in 2007 by the prime minister. The school was designed by Japanese architects and is able to cater for more than 13,000 students.

The National university of Singapore is the largest and oldest university in Singapore. It was established in 1905 and is home to more than 30,000 students. The institution’s main campus is located southwest of Singapore at Kent ridge. The school covers a total area of 2 kilometers square. It is ranked as the best learning institution in Singapore and 29th globally.

These Singapore colleges offer excellent learning atmosphere. Most of these colleges are highly rated and they offer very competitive educational programs. Most of them are young institutions that are offering educational programs that benefits many young entrepreneurs.

The Best Colleges to Study MBA in Singapore

Different colleges in Singapore offer MBA courses to a wide selection of students both overseas and locally. These colleges have been certified by the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that students only learn from trustworthy institutions and simplify their job search. The following are the most common and highly ranked colleges in Singapore that offer MBA courses.

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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) / Business School
This university offers Executive MBA, Full time, Part time and Dual Degree. The campus has been certified and accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS. NTU MBA combines both intensive international MBA and global perspective which revolves around Asian focus and background. The campus has been ranked number 8 by the Financial Time EMBA and number 38 by Financial Times Global MBA both in the year 2014.


Singapore Management University (SMU)
Along 50 Stamford Road lies the Singapore Management University. This university offers Part-time, Full-time and Executive MBA to its students. Courses are done in English. Intakes are usually done in the months of May, July and January. Fees are different depending on the program. Full-time is the cheapest going for 60,990 SGD while Executive is the most expensive going for 98,000 SGD. The campus has been accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS.


National University of Singapore (NUS)
The National University of Singapore is located at Mochtar Riady Building 15 Kent Ridge in Singapore. The campus offers Dual Degree, Executive MBA, Part-time and Full-time programs. The campus is accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS. The course duration is usually 17 months.


This college offers Executive MBA, Part time and Full-time programs. The campus is accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. It boosts as been the top business school in the Four Asian tigers. The course duration is usually 10 months. Their MBA programs usually run parallel in campuses located in France. Students also get a chance to take part in elective courses in the Abu Dhabi campus.